WorkFridge comprises of three steps – WorkFridge, portal and Logistics. Workfridge enables employees to access office supplies. Admin can effortlessly monitor and manage the inventory through the backend portal.Our logistics arm enables auto replenishment of supplies.

WorkFridge is just like a double door big fridge. You can conveniently fix in an area of your office where employees can have easy access to it.

We don’t charge for the WorkFridge. You pay as you consume the items in the WorkFridge.

Our main intention behind WorkFridge is to make day-to-day office operations efficient by putting office supplies on autopilot. The WorkFridge is just a part of the smart ecosystem we offer to effectively manage office supplies

It does need internet to work, either WiFi or GSM. If the in-house internet structure is not capable to extend support as per your company policy, we offer our own internet structure to make the WorkFridge work.

No, WorkFridge is a part of the smart solution that we offer to manage the entire office supplies ecosystem.

WorkFridge portal offers an analytics dashboard that gives you real time consumption data and also the insights into where and how you can boost your savings on office supplies.

Unlike the regular norm of pay-as-you-order, we go by pay-as-you-consume model as we believe you should only pay for the used item.

Yes, you can.

You just need to place the WorkFridge next to UPS based electric socket.

If that happens, the item will be replaced by us without any charge.

We don’t collect any personal information. We only collect data for usage of office supplies.

No, you don’t need to. The system generates auto replenishment alerts and our logistics arm fulfills it just in time.

With WorkFridge you don't need to store buffer consumables.

Yes, you can. You are free to order with our primary product catalog and our speciality product catalog as well.

The authentication ensures accountability and enables real-time consumption data across your work functions.

If you are unable to authenticate, reach out to your admin head who will have an emergency card for such situations.

The mode for the bill payments is completely online.

We will send timely reminders to alert you regarding the due date. After 2 reminders, if you still don't pay, you can't access the WorkFridge.

No, you can't unless your requirements are for multiple branches or you need multiple WorkFridge for your office.

Yes, it is.

You can just send an email to . The WorkFridge will reach out to you for the next steps.