How does WorkFridge Work
Sign-up for WorkFridge. Tell us what products and the quantity you use. Specify who is authorized to use what products.
The procurement of products specific to the brands you use is done by WorkFridge procurement teams.
WorkFridge will provide your office with WorkFridge cabinets full with one month’s inventory. These items will be tagged (with a sticker) so that the machine can understand what’s in the cabinet.
Authorised users can simply take what they need using their fingerprints/access cards to open the cabinet.
Every time a WorkFridge cabinet is opened and closed, the sensors in the cabinet take stock of what’s been checked out or checked in and the person who did it. This check-in and check-out information is passed on to the WorkFridge backend servers (WorkFridge cloud) via internet.
WorkFridge backend analyses data in real-time to provides alerts for smooth functioning, dashboards for monitoring, reports for managing and analytics for insights.
When a product is low on stock (reaches a minimum threshold specified by you), our logistics team is alerted who immediately replenish stock of that item.
Your organization receives one consolidated monthly bill, only for items that have been consumed (checked out of the cabinet).
By default, your entire cost of office supplies management is eliminated, accountability is maintained and your office will always have the optimum quantity of all supplies required.
Your organization and WorkFridge together will then work on the available information and intelligence to make your office supplies consumption as efficient as possible.